InVEST in a Vest

We’re growing and that means more puppies!  As a result, we’re in the market for approximately forty new Pupping in Training vests at a cost of ~$45 each.  We have puppy raisers in NY, CT and FL who use the vests when socializing pups throughout the communities in which they live.

Our vests are highly visible, embroidered, washable and fully adjustable, enabling them to be used throughout the fostering period as the pup grows.  And their durable construction allows them to be used for years to come.  The Lions Club of Colchester, CT awarded us a grant to purchase the first of these vests so the Lions Emblem is prominently displayed in the middle of the portion that covers the pup’s back.

Help us spread the word about Freedom Guide Dogs by donating to this special project.  Please hit the button below to donate to Invest in a Vest.  Thank you for your continued support!