Name That Puppy

Looking for a unique way to promote your business? Honor a friend? Remember a special occasion? How about naming a potential Guide Dog Puppy?

A donation of $2,000.00 will allow you to name one of our guide dog puppies. The donor and honoree will receive a certificate with the puppy’s name and picture, and a notification certificate and photo if your puppy successfully completes the training program and is placed with one of our clients. We also will put your puppy’s name in our newsletter (over 5,000 subscribers), our Facebook page and our website.

* Please note that there is no guarantee that a puppy will go on to enter or graduate the training program. They may become part of our breeding stock, be released to other service dog programs, etc.

* Freedom Guide Dogs reserves the right to reject names that are deemed inappropriate or have been previously used.

* If the puppy is to be used for any promotional purposes, Freedom Guide Dogs is required, in writing to have the final approval on all advertising and promotions.