Become a Freedom Guide Dog Puppy Raiser

Puppy Raisers are needed to:
• Raise the pup to be a well-behaved dog.
(no jumping, begging etc.)
• Walk on a loose leash
• Relieve themselves on leash (bathroom
break- not while on a walk)
• Housebreak
• Expose them to the outside world (take the puppy to stores, stairs,
children, traffic, the activities in town etc…..)
• Experiences with other animals (dogs, birds, cats, etc.)Closeup of the sleeping face of a a three week old yellow Labrador Retriever.

We ask the puppy raisers to pay for the dog food, Gentle Leader Head
Collar, regular collar, leash, and toys during the time they have the pup.
This donation can be used as a tax write-off as it is a donation to a not
for-profit organization.

Freedom Guide Dogs will pay for any authorized medical expense that
may come up. (Please check the Puppy Raiser Packet for protocol) We
will give the first set of vaccinations, a Vet will have to give the Rabies
shot as NYS only allows Vets to do this. We will provide medicine for
the pup from the kennel. This saves us a great deal of money throughout
the year. All dogs will be neutered or spayed; most will be done by your
local vet, at about 6 months of age. If you live local you will need to go
to Dr. Jamrosz at the New Hartford Animal Hospital, and any
emergencies would go right to him as well.

We also provide a crate for the pup, and a puppy coat with FreedomBlack Lab puppy being held in a puppy raiser's arms
Guide Dogs Puppy Program stated on the back. This jacket is to be worn
by the dog while socializing; also we provide a puppy-training manual.
Anytime someone has a question we are here to answer and help.
Periodically we get together with the raiser to see how the pup is doing
and to offer any advice that is needed.

Upon completion of training and placing a guide dog, the puppy
raisers receive a large photograph of their dog and his/her new handler.
If by chance the dog does not make it as a guide dog the raiser will
have the first option to take the dog as a pet if we feel this will be the
best option for the dog.

If you would like to learn more about our program send your mailing address to or call the office at 315-822-5132