Candy, Robbie & Frank

From Puppy to Partner. Candy, Robbie and Frank

As a puppy raiser can I just say how much it has meant to me to have ongoing communication with Robbie’s handler, Frank.  Robbie was my first guide dog puppy and I have to admit I was devastated having to give him up.  But Frank, and his wife, Sue, have shown me what a gift Robbie is to them and how very much they love him.  I get frequent text updates from Frank,and occasional phone calls, about Robbie’s latest adventures.  Frank lives in Manhattan in a high rise building and apparently Robbie has quite the fan club in the neighborhood.  Frank has a very active life, aided largely by his increased mobility due to Robbie.  They have flown to Texas for Christmas, they attend weekly music and social groups. Frank is a champ at Trivia.  Robbie is a big hit at Frank’s barber shop.  I love Frank’s stories about how when they go to the doctor’s office or ride the train Robbie will find Frank a seat by putting his head in somebody’s lap until they stand up and give Frank the seat!  Robbie has other dog friends, including a special girlfriend who does overnights – supervised of course!  Frank constantly tells me how much he loves Robbie and how important Robbie is to him.  It was quite the change for Robbie going from rural Vermont to downtown Manhattan, but Robbie even has a fenced in play area where he can run, play in the snow, and otherwise just be a dog.  I feel very fortunate that Robbie ended up with Frank and that indirectly Robbie is still a part of my life.