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Black Lab Puppy

Born on Christmas Eve 2013, Amy, (formally known as Neri) was slated to be sent to Israel to become a breed dog for the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.  Born to Marcy and Willie, Amy and her 6 siblings were a lively and energetic bunch. When she spent time in the office with us, no shoelace was safe.  In April of 2014 she took the long plane ride to Israel. Her puppy raisers sent these photos and a letter to update us on her progress.

Amy Update         11 Oct 2014

Hello Eric & Sharon!!

Let me start by introducing myself & my wife. My name is Ephraim & my wife is Bunny. We are from Richmond, VA but are currently living in Jerusalem for an extended stay. One of the reasons we came to Israel was to volunteer for the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.

Black Lab Puppy

Amy at a concert at First Station in Jerusalem

Working with Noach, Orna, and the rest of their fantastic staff has been one of the highlights of our visit!

About a month ago, we received Amy to raise for the Center. We understand she came from your organization Freedom Guide Dogs. She is a fantastic pup and we are totally enjoying working with her.


My wife and I have previously raised three puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Our first pup worked for a while as a Guide, but

Black Lab Puppy

Amy at the pool at Kibbutz Dorot (southern Israel)

retired early and we have adopted her as our own. We had her certified with Therapy Dogs, Inc. and Caring Canines and she brings a smile to many people!

Alan was the second dog we raised. Alan is a working Guide Dog with a wonderful lady in East Lancing, Michigan. Since Alan never liked the summers in Virginia, we know he is happy in a colder northern state!


Black Lab Puppy

Amy asleep at Rosh Hashanah services

And Greta is the third pup we raised. She is presently in training up at Guiding Eyes and expect her to graduate in the next few months. Actually, Gerta and Amy are very much alike. Both Black labs and both small in stature. And both are very affectionate!!

Amy has adapted well to life in the city. We walk a lot and Amy gets to see many places in Jerusalem. I thought I would show you below some of the places that Amy has been…

Black Lab Puppy

Amy shopping

We are thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to raise Amy and we will be more than happy to give you additional updates. Thank you for making this important addition to the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. We think it’s fantastic how all the guide dog schools work together.

Black Lab Puppy

Amy with friends at the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind