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Freedom Guide Dogs has been inspected and accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation


The IGDF inspects our facility every 5 years.  They check to make sure Freedom Guide Dogs meets or exceeds the standards including but not limited to:

  • Animal breeding, care and veterinary matters
  • Funding opportunities
  • Staff selection and training
  • Student selection and training.

Membership provides:

  • An Accreditation and Assessment process which ensures that operational standards are maintained and improved in relation to the world benchmark high quality standard
  • A biennial seminar to facilitate exchange of information
  • The IGDF office acts as a communication hub, which keeps members informed, manages the website, facilitates links to areas of expertise
  • A biannual International professional journal
  • The ability to get advice about breeding, Guide Dog Instructor or dog training, facility set up and management, access, marketing, fundraising and operational management
  • The sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Possible exchange of puppies, dogs or genetic material
  • The opportunity for personal development of members’ staff by being an Assessor or member of the Board or through staff exchange secondments
  • The use of the IGDF logo – a symbol of highest quality
  • Legitimacy for lobbying on access issues, etc

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