Barbets in America

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Freedom Guide Dogs has added a new breed to their lineup to help reach their goal of providing the right dog to every client.

The Barbet is a medium sized French water dog.  They are thought to be one of the foundation breeds for some modern dogs such as the Portuguese Water Dog and the Poodle.  This very rare breed comes in various colors such as black or brown (either solid or with splashes of white) fawn, pale fawn, gray or white.  Their personality traits are generally playful, intelligent and easily trained.  They love to work whether they are retrieving water fowl or leading their owner safely through the city.


Wally with his new owner

Wallace, AKA W’Wallace Biscay’s Great Opal, or Wally was born 10/20/2012 in Canada at Biscay Water Dogs in Wellesley, Ontario.  He is the first Barbet to become a guide dog in America. He was placed with his new owner in the fall of 2014.



Yarn, AKA Yarn Biscay’s Unique Onyx, was born at Biscay’s Water Dogs on 6/29/2014 and is destined to become the first Barbet breeding bitch at Freedom Guide Dogs.


Yarn (left) meets Wally

A Barbet’s long curly coat requires daily grooming.  Their non-shedding coat must be regularly cut to prevent matting.  Some people consider non-shedding dogs to be “hypoallergenic” but most people are allergic to the dog’s dander not their coat, and allergic reactions vary person to person and dog to dog.

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